Mad River Rabbitry--Humboldt County, CA


We currently NO LONGER RAISE ANGORA RABBITS. We apologize for any unanswered e-mail regarding them! There are NO Angora rabbits of any kind available.

The kids are currently raising Mini Rex rabbits. We love Angoras, and are sure we will be involved in them again someday, but for now, we are taking a detour with a Mini Rex project.

When we have a Mini Rex website, we will post the link here. We are saving this page for when we eventually do return to the (still incredibly dear to us) Angora breed.



                                      "Saria's Fiver", pictured at 5 months old.

                                      4 Grand Champion Legs at time of photo. 


 *In many cases, our French and English Angoras come from Registered Grand Champion and Convention-winning lines. Our English Angora pedigrees contain such respected lines as Chu.

*We are an ARBA-registered rabbitry, located on the North Coast in Humboldt County, California (travels for shows within California, Oregon, and Nevada, assuming our life allows for it [things can get busy and complicated, as we all know]. We can also arrange transport to ARBA National Convention and certain shows).

*We are members of various clubs, including American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA), National Angora Rabbit Breeders Club (NARBC), Northern California Angora Guild (NCAG), and Humboldt County Rabbit and Cavy Breeders Association (HCRCBA, our local rabbit and cavy club). We feel it is important to join clubs for the support network and education they provide.

 *We breed for quality, not quantity, and for the betterment of each breed, according to the breed standard. 

*Our rabbits are well-loved, and well socialized from birth by both adults and two very loving children.

 Our French Angora babies in their favorite tupperware container!

Silly bunnies, tupperware is for food...

 *Show quality rabbits come with ear tattoo and full pedigree, including phenotype, to the best of our knowledge (we do speak "rabbit color genetics" and are happy to educate our customers, as well as provide life-long support within reason, regarding the care of their rabbit from Mad River Rabbitry). Those sold as pet and "wool pet" rabbits are not intended to be bred or shown.

*We proudly offer registered, and in many cases, registered grand champion breeding lines. A rabbit cannot be registered unless it meets the breed standard. It cannot be "granded" without both being registered and earning at least 3 legs at a rabbit show, with standards as to how many other rabbits and exhibitors there must be to compete in order to win a leg (for those new or unfamiliar with showing). We believe that high quality genetics are important in breeding any type of livestock. It also gives us confidence when buying stock from registered lines, knowing that the ancestors of the animal met the breed standard. We all know that characteristics, whether we consider them "good" or "bad", are passed through families and generations.

*If interested in being added to our list of updates (i.e., be notified when rabbits are available for sale), please send us an e-mail to be added to our waiting list. You can do so by clicking HERE. This is a great way to stay in touch with us. We also plan to have a blog soon!

In the words of one of our satisfied wool customers, a spinner of over 30 years and former French Angora rabbit breeder herself,

"I am just getting started spinning [the bags of wool plucked and sheared from the rabbits at Mad River Rabbitry], but I can tell just by looking at it that it will be a dream to spin. The sheared wool, also, seemed to have good length and I don't anticipate any problems."

-Karin E.

Experienced spinner and former French Angora rabbit breeder


(And did I mention she normally only spins plucked wool?)

 Grand Champion Menn's Clover, our smoke pearl French Angora doe

5 Grand Champion Legs (Best of Breed winnings x 5)

Photo courtesy of Gabrielle M.


 "Saria's Alice", French Angora REW doe bred by Mad River Rabbitry, wins Best of Breed at Washington State Convention!

Congrats to Laurie, her new owner! Alice the bunny has also toured schools and churches with Laurie, while Laurie gave spinning demos to children. 

Photo courtesy of Laurie H. 


Satin Angora Testimonial: 

"[Our new Satin Angora], Saria's Mr. Crazy Eyes, is doing great. He is so sweet. You did a great job socializing him because he couldn't be any sweeter. Thanks for your support."

-R.C. (Satin Angora customer, Northern California)


Regarding above testimonial:

We hope to work with the Satin Angora breed again in the future. It is a truly unique and beautiful breed. For now, we focus on our French and English Angoras.